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Local Fintech Industry continues to expand despite uncertain global economic outlook, creating new job opportunities: Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) estimates at least 500 new job vacancies in the next six months, equivalent to 3% of the fintech workforce.

Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) highlights that as more businesses start utilizing FinTech services, the local FinTech industry will continue to expand. However, due to the less optimistic economic outlook, the recruitment process has slowed down and become more cautious.

SFA believes that employers should consider candidates' soft skills, rather than solely focusing on their technical expertise when hiring. Additionally, they should be willing to provide opportunities to individuals without relevant experience.

Watch the clip as Reuben Lim, Chief Operating Officer of SFA, shares that most companies are probably not yet in a situation where they are making substantial profits but find themselves in an environment where expansion is necessary to seize opportunities in an interview on Channel 8 news. 

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