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When your team outgrows the co-working areas of 80RR FinTech Hub, we have floors available for your newly expanded team to occupy. Speak to us and we can easily customise a space to suit your needs, providing ample space for your larger operations but convenient access to the rest of the community at the same time.


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Access to Advisory Commmitee

Large Business Lounges

Preferential rate for Event Space

Meeting/Conference Rooms

Dining Hall

Server Racks

Wifi Access

24/7 Access

Pantry Facilities

Meeting Pods & Call Booths

Printing Services

Cleaning Services

From 1,000 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft, we are able to customise your office space according to your business needs. Drop us an enquiry to find out more to what we can offer!

3D Virtual Tour 

Take a 3D Virtual Tour through one of our private office space at 80 Robinson Road. Click on the 3D viewer below to start your journey! Press "H" to move around and long press the scroll wheel on the mouse to rotate. It may take up to 15 seconds for the 3D model to load!

#17-01B Floor layout (Website).JPG

Private Office 1

Size: 1600sq ft (Fully Customisable to meet your business needs.)

1 meeting rooms for 7 pax

46 desks

Size: 4733sq ft (Fully Customisable to meet your business needs.)

3 meeting rooms for 6 pax

1 private office for Executive

2 calling booths

5 discussion tables

68 desks

Private Office 2

#21-03 & #21-04 Floor Layout ( Website).


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